Written by
Marsha Marie
October 2016
Written by
Marsha Marie
October 2016


In life we are bamboozled with problems and decisions. It seems like every day, I have some other life-altering decision that I have act upon. I sit and think and think, but my head starts to hurt—like it’s going to burst or something.

Why can’t God have a hotline where we can call him up and ask him these little things along life’s way? You would think he would have a special number like 1-800-what-do-i-do-god… or something catchy like that. Man, if I had his number, I could just imagine how my conversation with the Holy One would go.


I can’t believe I get to talk to God today. When is he going to answer? Pick up the pho-one. The ringing is stopped by a sharp click.

“Hello God? It’s me, Marsha Marie”

“Yes, my child.”

“Umm, forgive me for asking, but what took you so long to answer the phone? It has been ringing and ringing?”

“Yea I know. Sorry about that. I was busy with some folks. You wouldn’t believe some of the things I have to deal with these days. But anyway, why did you call me today Marsha? I know you’ve got something on your mind.”

“Well, ever since the first book came out, I’ve had so many decisions to deal with. I think to myself: Should I do this? Should I do that? My head hurts from all of it. I am so confused. There is just too much weight on my shoulders and I’m so scared of making another mistake.”

“Oh, Marsha! You silly girl. I have already given you all of the answers. You just have to…”

Suddenly an operator comes on the line and says, “Please deposit another 10,000 quarters for another ten minutes.” Her voice is irritating and very nasally.

“What? Another 10,000 what? On my cell phone? Who is this? Get off the phone. I wasn’t finished yet!”

“I’m sorry. Your time is up.”

Suddenly the line goes dead.

I hang my head in defeat and suddenly hear my phone beep with a message. I lift my phone and see it’s from God.

The message reads like this: “My dearest Marsha. I know your every question, and I know your ever pain. Just look inside yourself and trust your heart. I am with you always; so save your quarters, and just pray.”


Well, o-okay. Maybe our phone call would not be exactly like that, but man, I would still love to have his number.




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