Working with a publisher

I have several books - non-fiction (business for writers) and fiction that I want to publish. I have been thinking about a DIY approach, with the help of an author assistant. Then I ran across a small publisher in Minn. called Millstream Publishing. Anyone heard of them? Anyone worked with them? 

In general, has anyone worked with a small publisher like this? They do everything from formatting, publishing on many platforms, and i also can get them to send out review requests, do some publicity. It sure would be nice not to have to do it all myself, in terms of time. 

Jean Murray

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  • Hi Jean:


    Unfortunately, my last experience with two publishers was a nightmare.  Both made grand promises, but didn’t produce (sigh).  If my book was to be promoted, I had to do it.  If I wanted reviews, I had to obtain them, etc.  So this time I self-published and used Draft2Digital as the distributor.  It’s a lot of work, but at least I’m in control.


    If you’re a member of LinkedIn, there’s a discussion right now on “Book Writer” regarding publishers.  You might find some useful information there.


    Wishing you much success (smile).


    Connected by the written word,

    Marcía/USA-Atlanta, GA