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    • Beatrice Watson

      Beatrice Watson, Author of One Memoir, "Simply Ma Dear" and Inspirational and Social...

      Started by Beatrice Watson
      Perfecting my novel for that certain agent, when I find him or her, is a journey of research. I have been busy reading advice from published writers on how to proceed in this process and have been doing rewrites until I am dizzy. I even put my...
      • Beatrice Watson

        Beatrice Watson, Author of One Memoir, "Simply Ma Dear" and Inspirational and Social...

        Started by Beatrice Watson Replies (3) Last reply by Beatrice Watson
        Just had the courage to release my latest project, an Historical, Paranormal Novel to a friend to read and critique, called "Shadows in The Sun", it was the hardest thing I've down in a long time, because it is like my baby that I was not sure was...
        • Louise Szabo

          Do any of you live in Ottawa

          Started by Louise Szabo
          HI. I am Louise Szabo from Ottawa. I have published a few books find the marketing of them so very difficult. It takes special skills, time, money and in the end I wonder if it is worth the while. It doesn't stop me from writing. It is my passion...
          • Phyllis Smith

            Fall Memoir Writing Courses and Retreats

            Started by Phyllis Smith
            I just started a new Memoir course through UCLA Extension. It is great to dive into a course so rich on craft devoted to Memoir. Is anyone else taking any writing courses? Are they focused on Memoir or other genres? Lastly, are you planning to...
            • Jane  White

              How to network with blog

              Started by Jane White
              Hi there fellow bloggers! What are platforms and strategies that you have used to be successful in sharing the word about your blog? Thank you! Jane http://www.dearjane.ca/
              • Nicole Cruz

                INTRODUCE YOURSELF

                Started by Nicole Cruz
                Hello! Welcome to the group. Starting this discussion so we can introduce ourselves.
                • Nicole Cruz

                  New Writing Job

                  Started by Nicole Cruz
                  Just got a job where I get to interview veterans and write storylines out of their experiences. I find it fascinating talking to men who have seen their fair share of violence and tragedy.
                  • Deirdre Mendoza

                    Writing About My Mother

                    Started by Deirdre Mendoza Replies (1) Last reply by Phyllis Smith
                    I've been writing a blog about my mother's journey with Alzheimer's. These short entries include me, as I am her only child, and my kids. My mom passed away this month and I'd now like to expand this blog into a book-length work. As I shift from my...
                    • Nicole Cruz

                      Introduction: All The Single Ladies Put Your Hands Up

                      Started by Nicole Cruz
                      Hello and welcome to the group. I started this group so that single women could openly discuss their current and past works. I believe in the concept of the collective helping each other out. As an intro: Hi I’m Nicole Aia Cruz. I am 25, a...
                      • Diana Harris

                        Another new hello

                        Started by Diana Harris Replies (1) Last reply by Beatrice Watson
                        For the past year, I've been refining the pitch for my historical fiction trilogy "Women Absent Their Men" and sending it to literary agents...all to no avail. I heard about She Writes Press about a week ago. Today I got confirmation from another...
                      • Chicklit Vs. Literary Fiction

                        Started by Linda Gould
                        Can chicklit ever be considered literary? I discussed this and other issues related to genre writing at http://letsplayballbook.wordpress.com.
                        • Heather Diamond

                          Foreign words

                          Started by Heather Diamond
                          Hi all--I am revising a memoir about culture crossing (Hawaii to Hong Kong) and intercultural marriage and considering ways to gracefully handle foreign words and phrases. Italics is the convention, but is it the rule? And what about translations?...
                          • Shelah L. Maul

                            How to make the choice Memoir vs. Novel?

                            Started by Shelah L. Maul Replies (7) Last reply by Nicole Cruz
                             This is something I've given a lot of thought to in the past 24 hours. Currently, my manuscript is written as complete non-fiction. The positive is that the story is one of those where "truth is stranger than fiction" so it is unique and exciting...
                            • Evelyn O. Simon

                              New member

                              Started by Evelyn O. Simon
                              Hello writers and authors. My name is Evelyn O. Simon, published author and writer of short stories.
                              • Joanne Barney

                                Contract - or not

                                Started by Joanne Barney Replies (1) Last reply by Elisabeth Zguta
                                I told myself that BLOOD SISTERS would be my last book. At eighty-three, I realized that my mind and my body may not be up to another novel. My publisher gave me the date for this book's arrival in the world and I planned not a launch party but...
                                • Elisabeth Zguta

                                  What Are You Up to?

                                  Started by Elisabeth Zguta
                                  Hello Blooming Late sisters. It's been awhile and only a few have mentioned what's up. It's Labor Day 2018 - Please add a comment of your current writing work. I know a few of you have things in the works, so please share with everyone. I am...
                                  • Cindy Vine

                                    I'm back!

                                    Started by Cindy Vine Replies (1) Last reply by Elisabeth Zguta
                                    After a 3 year hiatus I am back! I started an NGO and a school for children who can't cope in mainstream education which took every second of my life. After three years with no life, I handed the school over to the parents and went back to...
                                  • New here

                                    Started by Kristy Crabtree Replies (2) Last reply by Cate Schratt
                                    Hi! I’m new here! Is this group still active?
                                    • Nancy Hinchliff

                                      Fictionalizing parts of my memoir

                                      Started by Nancy Hinchliff
                                      I am writing my second memoir, and I have a question from the other memoirists here. If I decide to fictionalize some of the dialogue in my book (not the content or the actual events) how do I account for that in the description of my book? Please...
                                      • Charlene Johnson

                                        Just Wanted to Say Hello

                                        Started by Charlene Johnson Replies (2) Last reply by Beatrice Watson
                                        I just became active today. I'm a Paranormal Romance author with two books under my belt and working on book 3 in my Paranormal Romance series. I'm here to interact with other members and learn what I can to keep my writing career moving forward...