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    • Chantal Walvoord


      Started by Chantal Walvoord
      How did the UCLA course turn out, Phyllis?
      • Phyllis Smith

        Fall Memoir Writing Courses and Retreats

        Started by Phyllis Smith
        I just started a new Memoir course through UCLA Extension. It is great to dive into a course so rich on craft devoted to Memoir. Is anyone else taking any writing courses? Are they focused on Memoir or other genres? Lastly, are you planning to...
        • Jane  White

          How to network with blog

          Started by Jane White Replies (2) Last reply by Susan Ekins
          Hi there fellow bloggers! What are platforms and strategies that you have used to be successful in sharing the word about your blog? Thank you! Jane http://www.dearjane.ca/
          • Christine Christman

            Should we revive the group?

            Started by Christine Christman Replies (1) Last reply by Barbara Morrison
            Hi all, I just posted an announcement to the group that I have returned to writing after a long hiatus. I am interested to see if anyone sees value in reviving this group and would love to get input on how we might make it useful! I have just...
            • Laura B Gschwandtner

              Been Too Long

              Started by Laura B Gschwandtner
              Hi Fictionistas: I've been gone too long and too busy all that time. Doing what? Writing and publishing my 7th book, The Other New Girl. Now in the promotion stage so anything you want to know about that process -- or have to share about it -- post...
              • Joanne Barney

                Contract - or not

                Started by Joanne Barney Replies (2) Last reply by Jane B. Moore
                I told myself that BLOOD SISTERS would be my last book. At eighty-three, I realized that my mind and my body may not be up to another novel. My publisher gave me the date for this book's arrival in the world and I planned not a launch party but...
                • Victoria Sandbrook

                  What makes me a nerd, geek, or other tech/sci peep.

                  Started by Victoria Sandbrook Replies (2) Last reply by Victoria Sandbrook
                  Hi ladies! We're twenty strong, so I thought I'd try my had at starting a discussion. My question: what makes you a nerd, geek, or other tech/sci peep? I'll answer first, but I have to warn you I'm probably leaving out half of it :) 10. My...
                  • Migdalia Torres

                    Word Flow lets start with the Letter A

                    Started by Migdalia Torres
                    The letter A Word Flow accomplish always awaiting Can I get some help with the Letter A for this month of February 2019? Keep it going! Let's make this a Fun Page of Word Flows!
                    • Pankaj Sharma

                      what is your favorite holiday destination?

                      Started by Pankaj Sharma Replies (2) Last reply by Migdalia Torres
                      Hi Friends, Welcome into new group! I want to ask you about your favorite holiday/honeymoon destinations & why?  
                      • Pankaj Sharma

                        The Galapagos Islands

                        Started by Pankaj Sharma Replies (1) Last reply by Migdalia Torres
                        • Pankaj Sharma

                          Great Barrier Reef, Australia

                          Started by Pankaj Sharma Replies (1) Last reply by Migdalia Torres
                          • Migdalia Torres

                            Poetry for the Beautiful Island of Puerto Rico

                            Started by Migdalia Torres
                            Puerto Rican Soul By Migdalia Torres Puerto Rican descent I was born and Puerto Rican I will stay No matter what colors Brothers and Sisters I have; I just have to say Puerto Rico Isla del Caribe the most precious Pearl of the Sea...
                            • Migdalia Torres

                              The Diary of Camp Better Place Station by Migdalia Torres a NaNoWriMo Winner

                              Started by Migdalia Torres
                              Hello everyone I will begin by saying that thanks to NaNoWriMo.org I was able to spread my wings and fly. I wrote The Diary of Camp Better Place Station and it was a Winner back when. I am now in the process of writing a Re-Write Titled Indian...
                              • Migdalia Torres

                                It's time to let everyone know It's not O.K. to stay Silent

                                Started by Migdalia Torres
                                It's a very difficult situation and some people don't still understand what it is to be a Rape Victim. I salute and encourage you to bring it all out in the open. A great place to get support in your Writing and advice on how to write your Book...
                                • Emma Fitz

                                  other books dealing with the subject of rape from the experience of the person who was raped

                                  Started by Emma Fitz
                                  A Woman in Berlin by Anonymous Lucky by Alice Sebold After Silence; Rape and my Journey Back by Nancy Venable Raine
                                  • Susan Tabaka-Kritzeck

                                    Welcome to Amanda!

                                    Started by Susan Tabaka-Kritzeck
                                    Welcome, Amanda Butler!   Have you been involved with the regular NaNoWriMo writing challenge that takes place in November?  I did not "win" this year, but I did write 45,000 words (which is more than I would have written if I had not taken the...
                                    • Susan Tabaka-Kritzeck

                                      Camp NaNoWriMo for April 2015

                                      Started by Susan Tabaka-Kritzeck Replies (3) Last reply by Nancy Morrison
                                      Camp NaNoWriMo is set to begin on April 1, 2015. Please contribute to this discussion by  posting your NaNo user name  and the title of your project.  For more information about this writing project, go to: http://campnanowrimo.org/
                                      • Migdalia Torres

                                        The Dairy of Camp Better Place Station by Migdalia Torres

                                        Started by Migdalia Torres
                                        Hello everyone! I would start by saying that Thanks to NaNoWriMo.org and CampNaNoWriMo.org, I got my start in writing. My YA Novel was a Winner back when at NaNoWriMo.org. I plan to attend this year April 2019 CampNaNoWriMo.org to do a rewrite...
                                        • Migdalia Torres


                                          Started by Migdalia Torres
                                          Hello everyone! My name is Migdalia Torres and I am a New Indie Author. I am writing a YA Novel Titled The Dairy of Camp Better Place Station. I would like to share my Synopsis with this Group and get Feedback as to what you think it's all...
                                          • LeTeisha Newton


                                            Started by LeTeisha Newton Replies (8) Last reply by Noelle K Long
                                            Here I would love for all members to introduce themselves here. , A WOLF Press and LeTeisha Newton will introduce themselves here. LeTeisha Newton LeTeisha Newton is the author of a plethora of novels ranging from hot Interracial Erotica,...