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  • finding a literary agent for a middle grade nonfiction book

    Started by susan coryell
    I have published (commercially) 5 novels, but this is my first nonfiction for middle-grade readers. MONARCH BUTTERFLIES, YOGA AND ME is a vibrant mix of science, yoga, health and wellness and my co-author (certified yoga instructor) and I know we...
    • Christine Christman

      Should we revive the group?

      Started by Christine Christman Replies (6) Last reply by Linda Lappin
      Hi all, I just posted an announcement to the group that I have returned to writing after a long hiatus. I am interested to see if anyone sees value in reviving this group and would love to get input on how we might make it useful! I have just...
      • Joanne Barney

        Contract - or not

        Started by Joanne Barney Replies (3) Last reply by Elisabeth Zguta
        I told myself that BLOOD SISTERS would be my last book. At eighty-three, I realized that my mind and my body may not be up to another novel. My publisher gave me the date for this book's arrival in the world and I planned not a launch party but...
        • Elisabeth Zguta

          What Are You Up to?

          Started by Elisabeth Zguta Replies (3) Last reply by Elisabeth Zguta
          Hello Blooming Late sisters. It's been awhile and only a few have mentioned what's up. It's Labor Day 2018 - Please add a comment of your current writing work. I know a few of you have things in the works, so please share with everyone. I am...
        • Writing about Trauma - Memoir

          Started by Paige McGhee Replies (3) Last reply by Carissa Robinson
          Hi Monica, I am beginning my Memoir and it has a lot of dramatic scenes that are difficult for me to write. These are different Trauma’s that happened to me. I would like to hear other writers opinions of how to get through these stages in your...
          • Monica J. Casper


            Started by Monica J. Casper Replies (4) Last reply by Carissa Robinson
            Hi everyone, and thanks for joining my group. There are 7 of us now, which is a meaty enough number to generate some dialogue. I started this group because I write about trauma, both professionally (as a sociologist) and personally, through creative...
          • Saying Hello

            Started by Marguerite Connelly
            Hi, I just want to say that I have joined this group to bounce my ideas, anxiety, frustration and exciting off of others. With that said I am here to offer the same. Thanks Marguerite
            • Shannon Lee Alexander

              Introduce yourself!

              Started by Shannon Lee Alexander Replies (1) Last reply by Kathy A. Hampton
              Hello. My name is Shannon Lee Alexander. I am a pantser. I've tried for years to be a planner. I've read countless books, taken workshops, downloaded beat sheets and outline sheets and whatever other magical planning tools were dangled in front of...
              • Gemma Sun


                Started by Gemma Sun
                Hi, I'm Gemma. I'm a teen author that writes supernatural thrillers and romances. I've always been a HUGE fan of slasher films, the Child's Play series and Freddie Krugar being my favorites, so it's pretty easy to see what got me into the darker...
                • Shelah L. Maul

                  Welcome and Introduce Yourself!

                  Started by Shelah L. Maul Replies (42) Last reply by Gemma Sun
                  Hello and welcome! I'm Shelah, the group moderator. I hope you find a great place here to discuss your writing projects and get to know others writing in a similar genre! Please share with the group a bit about yourself! What strong women or...
                • Does being a contributor to a niche site really further your online exposure in a positive way?

                  Started by Peggy Pepper Replies (1) Last reply by Indrani Roy
                  I’ve been asked to write for two different sites that are for women over 50 & 60. That’s my area of interest, NEVER EVER OVER, Finding and Flourishing in a New Next but I wonder if I am simply going to be building THEIR business and not my own....
                  • Shannon Lee Alexander

                    YA Books You're Dying to Read

                    Started by Shannon Lee Alexander Replies (1) Last reply by Shannon Lee Alexander
                    In an attempt to see if we can revitalize this group, I'm starting a discussion on an easy topic! What are you reading in YA this summer? I've just checked out three books from the library: Girls on the Verge by Sharon Biggs Waller (who is a...
                  • New here

                    Started by Kristy Crabtree Replies (3) Last reply by Shannon Lee Alexander
                    Hi! I’m new here! Is this group still active?
                    • Deirdre Mendoza

                      Writing About Your Mother

                      Started by Deirdre Mendoza Replies (3) Last reply by Virginia A. Simpson, Ph.D., FT
                      Hello Memoir People, I'm relatively new here; I've been on the site for years, but am only recently more active. I'll jump in, and you'll tell me if I'm breaking protocol. I'm working on nearly two-year blog about my mother's twelve year journey...
                      • Gerry Miller

                        Granny Poet

                        Started by Gerry Miller Replies (1) Last reply by Lorenna Miliani Sparling
                        I'm a granny of 79 years and, even at that advanced age, I hope you might welcome me to this group. I've self published one small book and I simply write for the joy it gives me. I will totally understand if I'm way too old to participate here.
                        • Cindy Vine

                          I'm back!

                          Started by Cindy Vine Replies (1) Last reply by Crystal A. Meinstein
                          Not that anybody even realised I was gone hahahaha. After a 3 year hiatus I am back! I started an NGO and a school for children who can't cope in mainstream education which took every second of my life. After three years with no life, I handed...
                          • Antonia Teresa Amore-Broccoli, LCSW

                            Honoring My Soul . . .

                            Started by Antonia Teresa Amore-Broccoli, LCSW Replies (1) Last reply by Anne Heck
                            I just published my first article on She writes, which speaks to the subject of writing about trauma. I am writing my memoir as well which is in process. Thanks
                            • Migdalia Torres

                              Great Website to visit for all those who have Written a Script

                              Started by Migdalia Torres Replies (1) Last reply by charlotte talley
                              Drop by my Page at www.Stage32.com and see what all the fuzz is about! Don't forget to subscribe for it's all FREE!
                              • Nicole Cruz

                                New Writing Job

                                Started by Nicole Cruz
                                Just got a job where I get to interview veterans and write storylines out of their experiences. I find it fascinating talking to men who have seen their fair share of violence and tragedy.
                                • Chantal Walvoord


                                  Started by Chantal Walvoord Replies (4) Last reply by Chantal Walvoord
                                  How did the UCLA course turn out, Phyllis?