Favorite Artists Who Write
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I have always loved artists who write, whom many others would call writers who draw.  It gives me role models as they could not leave their art behind for words or vice versa.  I can't either, and for me, the two seem interconnected, as if I gave one up the other would suffer.

I am thinking today about my favorite artists who write, and thought to share; possibly you will too and we can get a good list, of which I will follow up and buy all of them.  Don't worry about linking and imaging.  I am trying it out.

Favorites, not in any order, click on the link to go to Amazon:

Henry Miller: Paint as You Like and Die Happy

Natalie Goldberg: Living Color, A Writer Paints her Worldand others

Sabrina Ward Harrison: Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself

  • Hello, Although I realize this is an older post, I would definitely recommend any thing by Lynda Barry. She teaches a class in creativity in Wisconsin that is multi-disciplinary. From science majors to art majors, that being said she encourage those who believe they can not write or draw to join, and proceed to show them that they can. This is the one she put together from some of her classes: https://www.amazon.com/Syllabus-Accidental-Professor-Lynda-Barry/dp/1770461612/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1507926262&sr=8-1&keywords=lynda+barry But you can also go to her current tumbler site and see the lessons she has her current students do. Very fun and inspiring!
  • Yay! I keep Friducha's journal close by and am inspired by how she kept working, even when flat on her back. She was a feisty, talented and passionate woman if there ever was one. Sometimes she comes to me in dreams!

  • Cate you posted as I was starting my surgery ordeal.  I'm back, and thank you for the recommend.  I will check it out.

  • Oh gads i forgot my newest favorite!  Gwenn Seemel, a Portland Oregon artist extraordinaire! Crimes Against Nature is her outpouring after she foudn out she could not have children.  Excellent!