Reaching Historians of African History
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Any advice or pointers?? I've just signed a 3-book contract for a trilogy of novels called SLAVE: The Trilogy and I would LOVE to have my work reviewed and endorsed by some key prominent historians of African / black history. Can anyone advise me on my best approach, as in, should I just send the book with a request or a query email first? Any thoughts?? :)

  • Hey Pamela

    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to me and please forgive the late response - Christmas, New Years, blah blah blah... :D

    This is great advice and I will certainly follow up.

    Have a wonderful day

    Jac :)

  • Hey Dera

    Thanks so much for responding and forgive my late response. I totally got swept away in all the Christmas and New Years shenanigans!! 

    This is great advice - thank you. And thanks for the encouragement and well wishes - I'm actually with Seaburn Publishing Group and my first book was released November - you can get all the info on my website (if you have any interest, of course).

    Have a wonderful day

    Jacquie :)

  • Hi Jacqueline,

    I would suggest sending out publicity to the African and African American/Black history professors at the universities and colleges. Compile a list of department heads or contacts; their email address are displayed on the websites. Also do the same for as you call "key prominent historians.". Research who they are and most likely you can find their contact information. Hope this helps. BTW, congratulations on your book contract. Who is your publisher and when will your first book be released?