Converting Novel to eBook

I'm looking for someone to convert a 280-page novel, Arella's Repertoire, to an ebook for the Kindle and iPad. I started the conversion but need help with the Table of Contents. I'd welcome your suggestions. I also have two other books to convert.

  • Smashwords offer a free booklet on how to convert your novel to e-book ready condition. It was still over my head but my daughter-in-law did it for me without any special IT skills.

  • Wow that is really kind of you. I'm at rebeccalochlann (a) gmail dot com. Thank you so much. I do use Word for Mac, so maybe it will work. I appreciate this, Pamela, thanks again!

  • Hi Rebecca,

    I don't know much about Macs, just that my techniques will work with any Word program. I'll be happy to send you a PDF of my guide for free so you can see if it will work for you. Just message me your email and I'll send a copy your way. Good luck!

  • Pamela after some bad experiences with formatters I think I might be ready to try this myself and am interested in your book about the subject. However, I use a Mac with OSX Snow Leopard. Just wondering if your book would still work for me. Thank you! Rebecca

  • Hi Elayne,

    My husband does this for a living. You can contact him for a quote at jim[at]jimandzetta[dot]com.