The 5 W's
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I was going through my files and found an exercise I did a while back in a creative writing class. I thought it would be nice to post and see what ya'll (Yes, I can say "ya'll" because I'm from Texas ;p) think/feel.

The 5 W's (& an "H")

1) Why do I want to be a writer? 

2) What's the purpose of my writing?

3) Who/what inspires me to write? Who/what hinders my writing?

4) When/Where/How long do I usually write?

5) What are my strong points & weak points when it comes to writing?

  • Ah Joy, don't feel that way! Your answers are your own and no one will stand in judgement of them or your true feelings!!!

  • Thank God for the South! Oh, and to answer your question: yes, I'll post my answers.

    1. Why?///Nothing else brings me more joy (and frustration) than writing. I can't imagine doing anything else with my life. It's in my very DNA!

    2. What Purpose?///Mostly, to feed my desire to create these people in my head who just won't leave me alone until I tell their story! Also, I want to entertain others. I always feel so good inside when my test readers call/text me, demanding the next chapter and then threaten me if I don't deliver. I'm weird...

    3. Inspire? Hinder?///Great movies, bad movies that I want to fix, great books, horrible books that I want to fix, tarot readings, and artwork on inspire me to write.///My hindrances are my procrastination, my A.D.D., every person who tells me "oh, you're a writer? What's plan B?" & "That's not very lucrative. Why don't you become a nurse or teacher? You'd be good at that." That kind of sh*t always brings me down and makes me doubt but it always passes within a day. I'm born to write suckers, stop tearin' me down! 

    4. When/Where/How long?///I'm at my best writing time at night (owl hooting in the background and then a wolf howls) but sometimes I'm surprising effective right when I wake up. I always write in my room, away from other humans who are loud and distracting! The longest I've ever gone writing was ten hours (I was a little manic) but my average would probably be three hours.

    5. Strong/Weak?///I ROCK at character development and editing. I'm weak in reliable production, I often over-edit, and I struggle with continuing after the beginning. (Great start but I fizzle).