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Hi all.  I am just beginning my adventures in writing/publishing.  I am looking to find a group of 3 or 4 people to start an online critique group.  As I am posting this in the nature essay group, I am looking for other essay writers to read and critique a few times a month.  But not solely about nature writing.  I was thinking more a general creative nonfic/memoir group.  If you are interested, willing, and wanting some others to work with, drop me a note.

Happy holidays!

  • I would like to take part too. I have written something new for the first time in ages (yay!). Planning to enter it in comp. My email address is tarla_k(at)hotmail.com

    Will email those with addresses here.  Sorry it took me so long to find this!

  • I'd like to echo Shannon's offer. I'm up for exchanging essays for critiques.  You can contact me via SheWrites, but given the difficulties we've been having getting posts through, it would be better to contact me at: [email protected]  

  • Hi Shannon,

    I'd love to take you up on your offer to swap essays or stories. I am finishing up a longish essay (4,000-ish words) and hoping to send it out soon.  Would you be willing to read and comment on it? 

    If so, what pieces of yours would you like me to see.Given that I would be sending a long piece, I'd be willing to read several of your pieces to get a roughly equivalent word count.  

  • Hello Amanda,

    Quite frustrating to realize I missed your late December posts!  I'm not sure if it's me or SheWrites but whatever...if you're still looking for people for a nature writing critique group, please drop me a line either via SheWrites or at: [email protected]  I write in a wide range of CNF domains, including nature writing, and am working on a book that is part natural history, part memoir.


    Adrienne Ross Scanlan

  • Hi there!  I am interested.  I too write and lucky for me publish nature writing.  I've published six pieces in the last year,though more often than not my work is considered short story not essay.  Drop me a line and we'll chat. 


    Michelle Gluch

  • Just an update- I have found several people interested- but you all can use this thread to start other groups:)