30 Days of Fiction, Day 2. Write a scene with a drunken mythological creature

I'm going to post the scene here as part of the post, plese feel free to comment or even better, post your own scene!


“You know, Sol, That’s what I like about you the most!” Sol rolled his eyes as he lowered the inebriated Horace to the davenport. “Always so,” Horace rolled his hand in the air looking for the right words. “There.” The effort of the sentence seemed to bee too much for the man and he lolled bonelessly on the furniture.


Sol stood and stretched his back, Horace was heavier then he looked.


“Is he alright?” Doctor Nellson asked stepping over to examine. “I’ve never seen someone react so to helium gas.”


Sol pressed his lips together. What to tell the man?


“He’s a bit sensitive to, ah, gas.” Sol offered, Horace hiccupped.


“Lovely weather,” Horace said, his head bent backwards to stare out the window. “Good day for a float.”


“Ah,” Doctor Nellson didn’t look convinced. “His voice isn’t even changed.”


“Yes well the airships do inflate with helium, he’s simply became accustomed to its effects.” Sol made a mental not to kick Horace soundly when the man sobered up.


“So he’s sensitive to the gas, but accustomed to its effects?” Doctor Nellson summed up Sol’s argument. Sol managed a nervous smile.


“Nelly,” Horace suddenly looked up at the two men. “Nelly, Nelly,” He beckoned the doctor forward. Nellson bent and Sol waved his hand under his chin, trying to tell Horace to stop. Horace gave Sol a big grin and pulled Doctor Nelson down beside him. “You know why,” Horace paused, obviously forgetting where he was going.


“Why?” Nellson prompted.


“Ah, why the gas is so…” Horace rolled his hand in the air searching again. Nelson watched nodding in hope that the intoxicated man would continue.


“Light,” Sol said, pulling the doctor to his feet. “The gas is light because of its atomic structure.” Sol hurried with his half hearted explanation and rushed the doctor out of the room as Horace protested. Sol slammed the door and leaned against it. Horace stumbled over to him.


“That’s a horrible explanation of helium, Solly.” Horace tripped over his own words as he tried to look scholarly.


“So’s the explanation of your intoxication is due to you divine origins.” Sol snagged the wobbly man and all but tossed him back to the couch.


“Not divine, just…” Horace good natured face suddenly fell as if some immeasurable sadness had suddenly griped him. “Extraterrestrial.”