Sharing is Caring.....My Route as a Children's Indie Publisher
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When I embarked on this journey to writing, I felt so alone because no one would "show me the way." Today, I am grateful because I was not fed fish, but I learned to fish. Simply put, I learned the ropes to what I needed to do to become published, either traditional or the indie route. With the rise of social media for marketing and promotion, and the assessibility and demand for technology, e-books, Nooks, ibooks, Kindle, etc. will take over. I love the fold, crease, and smell of a new book but years from now the book format will have more competition.

With that said, as children, we were taught to share, share, share but as adults it seems we become stingy or is it really selfishness? We don't want to share because we want it all for us. We tell kids that they can be "whatever they want to be" but as adults we are afraid to take chances because we may "fail." This train of thought must change.


I love to share, so today I am sharing a website that can create children's books that look comparable if not better than a traditional book.  The site is Since I will be doing a lot of readings at schools, churches, events, organizations, etc. I am buying 2 hardcover books from Blurb because I feel a paper copy will wear and tear. Blurb offers jacket covers or hardcover books with high quality,glossy paper. I was in love. I am also buying a few hardcovers for my display  table and customers can buy that version from if they want one. I am creating a triboard with my books for signings. I am also going to become a "Party Story Teller" where I will book parties and have puppets of my characters where the kids can play and then I have a "Sunflower" activity where the kids will make pots and plant sunflowers in them since my story is based on a "Sunflower" named Faith.

There, I shared. I feel better. <3

 There, I became a kid. I shared what I am doing as an indie publisher to help make this journey professional and attractive to my readers.