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Hola mujeres!


I don't know about you but I've stopped procrastinating and finally started writing. I'd like to encourage everyone to tell what you're up to. If you blog, have a Facebook fan page or subscribe to any of the myriad social media outlets, tell us where we can find you so we can follow or "like" you.

Let's support each other. I'll start. Here'a a list of where you can find me:


Reddit: TBA



Twitter: @ReinaBorinquena, @ResultsDiva, @findblogs2read





Join me on my journey. Follow me on Twitter. "Like" my Facebook pages and comment however you like on my blogspot posts. I welcome your input. Reply to this post so we can return the favor. 


C'MON! Do it for yourself. Don't believe everything he says about you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. YOU are His masterpiece, his child. Show us what you got, what you're made of, where you've been. If you're alive, breathing, reading this, you are a survivor. You are strong, mighty, courageous.

We need each other. There's strength in numbers. Neither I nor anyone here will tell if you tell. No one will raise a hand against you for speaking your mind and telling your story. A journey of a thousand words begins with a single sentence.




Que Dios me la bendiga,

Emiliana Martin
Mujeres group founder