Does book format matter to you?
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when you're browsing for a new thriller to read, does it matter to you if it's trade paperback or mass market? why?


when you picture your thriller being published, is it in trade paperback or mass market? why?


just wondering what, if any, difference format makes to people....

  • As a reader, I'm more likely to get a hardback. It just feels better/most familiar, and takes to all manner of impromptu bookmarks (strips of yesterday's paper, store receipts, etc.). When I have a book published, it'll most likely be an e-book. I doubt most of us will have a chance to get a hardback book published before the traditional publishing industry collapses. Still not sure how I feel about that, though.
  • I much prefer trade -- though I think mass market suggests deeper penetration into the market -- grocery strores, airports, etc. But trade is just more pleasurable to read -- the paper is usually nicer too.
  • In a bookstore with authors 'new to me,' I tend to buy their books if they're trade paperback (I found Henning Mankell that way).  If it's an author I like, I'll buy either trade paperback or mass-market.  If it's an author I love, I may buy anything from e-book to hardback.


    My reality, though, is that I'm almost at the point of adding a room to the house because of books, so I'm trying to stick to borrowing from the library.