What genre/work are you currently working on?
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Since no one seems to be heading things up, I thought I'd ask what everyone is working on at present?
  • Hi Iowa City Writers! I'm working on a project that's part historical scholarship, part historical fiction, about my father's family. He came from a provincial family of German-Jewish butchers. He and his brother were sent on the Kindertransport to England - that was a program set up in late 1938 in which England took Jewish child refugees, but not their parents, from Nazi Germany. The family was reunited after the war and moved to New York. I'm taking the story from my grandmother's childhood (she was born 1900) to my uncle's death in 1985.

    And I'm also gearing up for the publication of my memoir of a stillbirth, *Ghostbelly,* which is coming out with Feminist Press in February 2014. Grateful for any ideas for publicity!

  • I lived in Iowa City for four years and it enchanted me so much my first novel is based in IC. I no longer live there, so the online research was interesting. Took several days to nail down the species of trees in the little forested spot just below the Quadrangle dormitory. 100 year-old Box Elders! Who knew. 

  • I share the novel pain! I'm also in the throes (hoping that's not death throes) of trying to complete a mss. Cool that you have a fellowship. That time thing. If only it could be mined, we'd make a fortune.
  • I have a novel I am working on - I have a fellowship to work with some psychoanalysts to put my characters on the couch to see what's going on with them. Interesting!! Also some short stories, but those are on the back burner right now.