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This thread is for us to get to know each other. Feel free to post anything other members may find interesting about you and your writing career. Welcome to the group!
  • Okay, here it goes. I write and produce branded entertainment by day. What is that? Schlock. Not all of it. Most of it. I create television projects that appear to be normal network shows but were built to be vehicles for brands. Thankfully, a show I have created for girls about STEM has been picked up by FOX (don't get too excited we're talking about Saturday morning programming). This show allows me to sleep at night. It also takes up a sizable chunk of my creative time. I have four TV pilots I have written and two of them are optioned (held captive without bail or representation). One series, which was previously doing time at FOX TV Studios, has been released for good behavior. I am celebrating its freedom by reworking it as a novel. I won't have to worry about the cost of the period sets or the size of the cast. And I am certain that while I write I won't be interrupted by a producer texting me pictures of his junk. I am finding the use of "more words" to be both exhilarating and exasperating. A new adventure in storytelling.

    Beyond that I currently live in Wakefield, RI but my days here are numbered (I overestimated my ability to work remotely). It seems I will be returning to Santa Monica, CA. in the not-too-distant future. I share my home with two incorrigible corgis and 3 bettas. I am addicted to food porn and I am passionate about cooking. I watch too many documentaries and read too many books. My iPod is crammed with Rat Pack tunes. I delight in wry (sometimes dark) humor and have never met a warped idea I didn't appreciate on some level. Sometimes this industry takes its toll on my mental state but then I remember a line from STUDIO 60 : "I hate Los Angeles like everybody else but I have to work here 'cause in any other part of the country I'm unemployable." And at the end of the day, I am truly blessed to be able to be creative for a living. I try not to forget that. Wine helps.

  • Hi Lyn, I am using a Reader Service to bring my script up to scratch. They have suggested I deepen/darken the plot/develop the characters' storylines. Only when I have received the 'thumbs up' from the Reader regarding the scripts viability, will I send it out to agents. I'm prepared to offer it to any studio etc interested in it, whether in America or London. When my script is ready, I will make enquires here and in America. I am hoping that, if my script is sufficiently commercial enough, to garner Big Bucks with a successful film, then studios might be interested in it? I am trying to be an optimist, but welcome any advice that will bring about my ambition of supporting myself and gaining a career as a writer. So thanks for your input..
  • Hi Diane, I'm not quite a 'novice' in writing. Previously, I attempted writing in prose, for quite some decades, but found that I am more adept at dialogue. The Reader Service suggested my dialogue sounded authentic, but I needed to darken/deepen the plot and develop the characters' storylines, which is what I am doing. Read Dara Marks' book:- 'The Power of the Trnsformational Arc', and believe I am structuring the 3 Acts needed properly. I know there are no guarantees, even if I create a sufficiently commercial idea, and am a bit worried that maybe my dialogue might be a little 'unsophisticated' due to my inability to interact socially all these years. So when I send my 2nd draft to the Reader, I will voice my concerns, and see if they think it is ready for an American Agent. I AM very serious about my intentions as a writer, having no real other way to support myself and wishing to be able to choose where I live rather than the 'feral' environment I am surviving in at this moment, so all I can do is pursue my dream. If this fails, there is the possibility of ebooks, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it... I found your pages on this subject interesting, especially the one regarding loglines. I will go back to those particular pages and see if I can tighten up the outline of my plot. Thank you for your advice. I am more than open to accept any of this that will help bring success nearer to my door. Brilliant!
  • As someone who has written some scripts, I can tell you that the first one or two are for practice.  (You don't see them that way but you will come to understand.)  It's the fourth or fifth script that's the one that may (MAY) get an agent's attention.  You say you're based in London.  You should try breaking into screenwriting there.  Once you're established in London, it's easier to get someone to pay attention to you in Hollywood.

  • Hi everyone, I've been attempting to make a career in writing and realised that film scripts, mostly dialogue, was where I shoukd specialise. My first script should be ready in about 5/6 weeks time, then sent to a Reader Service. Due to health reasons(based in London), I cannot participate in film studios, so have been informed that to sell scripts on spec, I will need two highly polished/commercial scripts before sending them out to American agents. My logline is - 'A young man falls for his best friend's girl, causing insecurities to rub up against one another, before he can win her love'. Kept the premise universal and based around a male protagonist, as I am aware that most films etc are centred around such characters. Not that experienced in life, circumstances, but am a very good observer/perceptive so hoping these will give me some advantage, together with the talent I believe I possess? Don't really know much about how you get agents to 'recognise the importance of your scripts', so any feedback on this would be welcomed..
  • Hello! My name is Stephanie and I am a writer born and raised in Los Angeles. I write poetry mostly, but have written short screenplays and flash fiction. I graduated from college with a BFA in Media Production. I have gotten a bit off track as far as with film, but I am finding my way back :). It has been my dream to write and I hope to be able to get my words out in the world. Looking forward to learning more and meeting everyone here!