I see that there are several members here. Where are all the discussions? Is anyone still actively writing?
  • I have a bunch of She Writes articles that i would "like to discuss". Honestly, no is a perfectly good answer. I just need feedback is all. Thanks!
  • Sometimes change is good. It expands our world. I sent an article I've had stashed away for a while to a local newspaper. I will try those apps. I am old fashioned and have lots of different books for grammer, tips, etc. I like the 'fun regardless' attitude. Instead of having to be perfect and reach 50,000 words, it takes the pressure off.
  • Well, I LOVE figment.com! Been on it since freshman year of high school. I am currently thinking of enrolling in college so its been awhile. Love the site but it needs an upgrade. I am taking a break from figment tho cause I'm working on CampNanowrimo. I've never actually reached the 50,000 words goals but its fun regardless. I also use Grammarly and Ginger apps to edit.
  • Hi Kiamesha! I just quickly looked on Figment.com and it looks really inviting. I am interested in new sites to help my writing.I tend to gravitate towards short stories. I have been busy, but I realized I got into a bad habit...again. Once I didn't have to be home right after 5 pm since we are now an empty nest, I have stayed later at work. That is going to stop so I can visit websites and write. Any other suggestions? I haven't done Nanwrimo due to the hours I was keeping before, but I have always wanted to. Have you been successful at it?
  • Well, I have a bunch of poetry, short stories and novels at Figment.com. I am currently writing a story about an alien. 5 chapters in. Are any of you doing CampNanowrimo or Nanowrimo?
  • I would like to hear from members too. Is it because it's summer, there are graduations, parties to plan, vacations to take? Don't forget to jot down notes during these life events for future use in a story. We need to keep our eyes and ears open for tidbits we hear or something we see and make a list of these ideas to use in our writings. Our imaginations will do the rest. I remember one fiction writer saying he jotted down seeing crosses on roadsides and knowing one day he could pull that out of his notebook to use in a story.