Natural Skin Care Facts

Dr. Hauschka says “Beautiful skin isn’t always healthy – however, healthy skin is always beautiful.” Here are some skin care facts Dr. Hauschka’s team keeps in mind when designing and producing their line of natural skin care products:

1. Skip the heavy night cream. Dr. Hauschka doesn’t recommend night creams at all in its skin care regimen. Overnight, as you sleep, your skin is naturally working to replace dead cells, balance oil production, and get rid of toxins and impurities that have collected during the day. When you slather on a coat of cream, that interferes in the skin’s natural abilities and trains the skin to become dependent on moisturizers just to be normal. Instead, Dr. Hauschka recommends using a water-based serum that allows your skin to “breathe.” This will also stimulate your skin’s natural renewing abilities. They also offer a Renewing Night Conditioner that contains rose oil. You use that for 28 days, in rhythm with the skin’s natural regenerating cycle. Curious to know more about natural skin care? Browse this site to know about more such skin care facts.

2. Stop scrubbing your skin. Yes, you need to cleanse your skin. Dirt and impurities will clog your skin’s pores and cause breakouts. However, there’s no need to use a scrub brush. Most people are too rough when cleansing their skin. It’s all too easy to damage tender cells with rough handling or harsh chemicals. Using soaps or scrubs or applying strong exfoliants or drying agents can actually take away your skin’s natural protection. You end up with red or irritated skin, dryness, and premature aging. Instead, Dr. Hauschka recommends using their all-natural cleansing cream, applied with their special “press and roll” technique. This massages the cream into the skin, cleansing away impurities while stimulating the lymph system.

3. Don’t Fear the Oil. Dr. Hauschka’s system doesn’t rely on harsh soaps or drying agents to clear acne. Instead, it uses a “like treats like” method that at first may seem backwards. Your skin “knows” when it’s protected. It’s going to make more oil when it feels dry and less when it’s sufficiently moisturized. Continually drying your skin out with soap and anti-acne preparations just signals the skin to make even more oil – and you go around and around in a vicious cycle. Instead, Dr. Hauschka recommends Clarifying Day Oil for acne-prone skin. This gives you a light, clean coating of plant-based, healthy oils that help your skin maintain that delicate balance it needs.

4. Trust your skin. Your skin’s already doing an amazing job of taking care of itself. It reacts almost instantly to changes in its environment (both internal and external). The key is to encourage its natural processes and support them when they get out of balance. Dr. Hauschka products work with the skin, not against it, to provide that support and encouragement.

You can trust Dr. Hauschka to provide quality natural cosmetics and skin care products for a healthier you.