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  • November 2013
    Great piece. I'm Queen of the Doubters so this really speaks to me. Thanks!
  • October 2011
    Writing is my fun, happiness, laughter and love. Writing is the answer to all my problems—real and imagined.
  • September 2011
    Enjoyed this post. I've always wanted to be an acquisitions editor, an agent, an author--you name it, I want to be it if it has to do with writing, reading and publishing! The worst part of your job--to me--is what you call perks: I love conferences...
  • June 2011
    This was excellent. I appreciate Carleen, Ellen and Meg taking time to do this for us. Too, thank you ladies, for your honesty about getting an agent. I've had some agent flings too--not fun! I'm impressed that you three actually shared your agent's...

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