• November 2012
    I read acknowledgement pages too! I agree with number 2 also. The pet thing is kind of odd but if its a book about said pets its ok,I think. Number 5 is so totally true! If a name sounds familiar,I'll look them up and I have found other authors that...
  • August 2012
    I cant wait to read this. I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and possibly fybromyalgia. I absoultey love reading about how others like me survive day to day
  • August 2012
    I basically grew up in Germany because my dad was in the Army. We didnt live in base housing because he said "This is your chance to learn about another culture,not everybody is lucky enough to go to other countries." We learned to blend in and made...
  • February 2012
    I'd like to move back South to Georgia, I was born there. I live in Ohio right now, one day I'll get back down there though. I never saw myself living anywhere but there or Germany. My family gets down to Jasper once or twice a year, it's nice...
  • February 2012
    Don't you hate having to qualify yourself? I'm from Georgia and before you ask ... Gotta love those questions ;) Where are you in Texas, if you don't mind me asking. My dad is from Jasper,East Texas, down by Beaumont.
  • November 2011
    Hey can you fill me in on what they're saying? The closed captioning doesn't work on this one. Sorry to ask.
  • November 2011
    Bwhahaha I'm so glad I found this thread. The misuse of the possessive apostrophe is one of my biggest pet peeves too. My son came home from school one day with a print out sheet for homework not only did they use the possessive where it wasn't...
  • June 2011
    Funny,he can read a pargraph or two and know it's written by a woman. I can do the same thing only I can tell  that it's  been written by self-absorbed, self-centered,egotisitc sad old man whose writing has and probably will always bore me by the...
  • February 2011
    You write in a really personable way. I've been reading your past posts and I feel like you're talking directly to me. I hope everything resolves itself before this person drives you nuts. kelli

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