• November 2015
    Emily, your personality is adorable and that's a fact. You are most definately a real writer. Don't kid yourself! I really loved your post and laughed my way to the end.  Yes, indeed, we each have a label to blanket ourselves with as we binge watch...
  • March 2014
    Great post and super idea, Maria! I am currently a member of the Pi Beta Phi National Book Club and an Alumnae, but never thought of the individual sororities. You really were thinking out of the box. Yay! Thanks for the great idea:-)
  • March 2014
    Kelly, I am excited to read your book and certainly can relate to that long road towards your joyous celebration.  Hats off and good for you. Congratulations! Cheers, Prissy
  • February 2014
    Thanks so much, Brooke. All of this is very good to know since my book is launching March 27:-)
  • January 2014
    Ann, I loved this post! I have been ensconced in the middle of the same back and forth with my precious cover designer.  Here I am -- four months later -- still without the cover I want. I think THE title makes it hard to graphically translate to a...
  • January 2014
    Very well said, Jill. Good for you and now everyone else who got to read this:-)

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