• September 2014
    I love the story of the necklace..."Feed the Lake"...what a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I too love Jean Rhys...she fired my imagination so early on, I'm grateful to have read her work. Valerie's comments are fabulous; from my own modest tenure as...
  • July 2014
    Fun subject, Elizabeth, I'm fairly new to the topic--just wrote my first blurb, and asked for my first set. I can see both sides--but as a poet, hands down, I took writing that blurb as a beautiful opportunity, almost like crafting  haiku, to write...
  • June 2014
    Thanks for the comment, Suzi...I know you will be moved, as I was.
  • June 2014
    And so it goes on my reading list. Thank you my dearest! xo S
  • January 2014
    Thanks for the love and support Suzi...Learning so much watching you trail blaze at Laundry Line Divine. A gift to know you...Love The Anthology of Babes: 36 Women Give Motherhood a Voice. Wish I'd had it back when I was nursing my first. Will just...
  • January 2014
    Oh Tania. You keep me sane. You are a bell ringing clear and it has become necessary to ring in with you. I admire your writing, your determination and your willingness to lay open your journey as a writer and mother. xo S
  • November 2013
    Rosie, sounds like a great book...I added a url to your post here to the end of one of my own I had previously written on my site for bloggers (scoping the blogosphere for good examples of list posts), The Attractant Power and Poetry of List...
  • November 2013
    I really love the way you bring us back to the definition of dreaming...and how true, that the true meaning of dreaming holds inside of it that which is next, pulling us towards the tomorrow of our vision. Now that's a light filled and inspiring...
  • October 2013
    A very interesting and inspiring interview. Good luck with your new book of poetry 'becoming Judas'.

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