• April 2011
    I wrote an autobiographical novel, Sing Soft, Sing Loud, about my life on the street and as a prisoner in jails and prison.  My objective was to write a book that was above all else true to the lives of women like myself, which had not been done -...
  • December 2010
    Footnote 12/7/2010 - In his book of essays Vanishing Point, Ander Monson (he is editor of the lit mag Diagram) mentions that a few years ago he judged about 100 entries in a nonfiction contest and they were so uniformly bad that he had a hard time...
  • September 2010
    I read a lot of Dorothy Parker many years ago, but as far as I know she did not write about people on the edge. My question is about the writer's work, not the writer herself. But thanks for the suggestion. Keep thinking.
  • September 2010

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