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    I have been an Amazon Associate and just put my novel But This Is Different for sale on Kindle only to get a letter from Amazon that all Associates in California are t...
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    You require the skilled services a fire watch company whenever a part of your sprinkler or fire alarm system malfunctions or is taken offline. Below, we would examin...
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  • I used social oomph for can set up automated DMs to new followers to say whatever you want. lol.  I set up 5 different ones.


  • OK Little Miss Worrywart here but did people receive their acknowledgement of submission right away? I thought I'd get an instant automated response but I haven't received one so I'm wondering if | should resend or...worry? 
  • Hi sister proposal senders, fyi, I sent mine a few hours ago and haven't heard back. I am guessing that they are flooded with almost deadline submissions and are not a...