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    I saw someone criticize another writer this morning for the run-on sentences in their story, and it kind of got me thinking. The story was in first-person, so everythi...
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    Hi Everyone, I joined She Writes and this group quite a few months ago.  I'm finding the Ning network a bit confusing so I hope posting this here is acceptable.  (And...
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  • Yes, I see what you're saying. I don't think it's always inadvertent, tho. I once interviewed SARK (author of Inspiration Sandwich, Creative Companion, and many other...


  • Tanushree Ghosh (Tanu) posted a status
    Continuing the passion for short stories - advocating unconventional works. When I started writing, I didn't have any knowhow of things that shouldn't be written - e...


  • This is so true. The more I write my story, the more I'm unearthing facts I never realized and seeing connections that blow my mind. Because my story is told in first...
  • I love a circular narrative and to confess hadn't fully identified novels or stories as such---I just knew the story felt whole and concluded. So, thanks for laying th...
  • Where's the rest of this article? And I'm pretty sure the other article by Cristina Baker Kline is also incomplete... Is there no one behind the switch?