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    • Hi Everyone  - I don't remember when I signed up with She Writes but I didn't start pa...lso new to a course like this.  What has drawn me to it is that I am in crisis mode right now.  I find it difficu...
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    • Started by Alle C. Hall
      The New York Times is reporting the above. What do you think, ladies? Will the prospect of no sales through B&N dissuade you from using CreateSpace to publish? Th...
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    • Colleen Green posted a status
      By day, I write technical reports and proposals for my firm on the glamorous topic of US foreign assistance, financial inclusion, economic growth, poverty reduction an...
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      Marcia Clarke posted a status
      Daily Talk Johnathan: Hi Sealy great day out in the park. I thought it would be much cooler but I can accept this. Sealy: It sure is. I am super excited to be ou...
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      Deborah Dybowski posted a status
      I am a teacher of kindergarten and first grade. In my spare time I enjoy writing poetry and fiction. I live in California.


    • Beautiful! So beautifully said! Thank you. As a journaling teacher for over three deca...hear our voices and words, drops us into a listening, reflective-contemplative mode wherein we are received. Rece...
    • Kelley, you capture so well the healing that writing through loss can be---along with... One Bowl, dealing with that loss.  [
    • Emily Suess commented on her article Four Guest Bloggers Needed!
      Hmm. Well I tried using the email addy posted on your blog page, but it came back to me undeliverable.   I'll just post my message about guest posting for you here, an...