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    I’ve been here 350 years but you’ve never seen me. ~James Baldwin Black History month has provided an opportunity for another reader response. Today, I wrote the foll...
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    Dear Friend,   THANK YOU for all you do to keep our program thriving.      WHEN YOU DONATE TO GIRLS WRITE NOW THIS SPRING, you are not only supporting girls in our...
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  • Hi there!   If you are looking for readers (non-professional) to provide feedback on your writing, please feel free to join the new group:   READER TO READER: I'd love to have you as a member!


  • Hello All ~ Up until recently, my Twitter account has been a way to share my artwork as I upload it to my various online galleries. However, I began a book project rec...
  • It CAN Happen Here The American so-called “democratic” so-called “election” has shocked and stunned the world. I too have found this bizarre turn of history beyond my...
  • I write because I feel something intense. Then when someone else reads it, feels its intensity, and tells me so, I want to write even more.