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    I wanted to share my experience in writing 1 novel and 3 non fiction books so far. I have another novel and another non fiction book in the works. When you get a publishing deal, it is still on YOU to promote your brand, your book, you..... How do you do this? You hire a publicity firm to help you. It is an investment in you. I hired a great publicity firm and ended up featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, Entrepreneur, Success Business News, Forbes (not out yet), Bloomberg BNA, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, numerous radio show and podcasts and more..... Here is my latest book. https://www.amazon.com/stream/ref=nav_upnav_LargeImage_C_Detail I am speaking as the Keynote at 3 upcoming conferences and at a global corporation as a result. I am also developing online courses that are co-sponsored. Finally, I am working on my next book in the SHIFT series and the first novel in the BRIDGE series (a modern day Cupid and Psyche fairytale). Even if you sign with the biggest publisher, if you aren't #jamescameron, #danbrown, #tonyrobbins or #deepakchopra, you can still be very successful if your message is entertaining, helps others or informative. Give all you can give and don't worry about what follows. The joy of the process is astounding. Remember. You are your best advocate. Believe in you. :) http://www.jodybmiller.com

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