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    Hook: The line that makes you stop and read… God Does Not Live on Earth Story: The why am I writing you… Those things hidden will become known. So, what are you hiding you prefer others not know? Well, your secret is safe with me, but you do realize God knows all and keeping a secret from Him is impossible, right? God is the judgment you must recognize as important not how people see you. Opinion is just that which should go in one ear and out the other. Although if it is something that rings true for you and your life could be better for the knowledge take it and use it. But do not find yourself given over to the whims of others. Trying to jump thru imagined hoops. Being someone, you do not know in the mirror. Your commitment should always rest with you. No one can know you better, speak for you, or presume to know what you are thinking. Let no one have your power. And if you must fight someone for it-walk away. You must be your own best friend. Love yourself. And know you can before you can convince someone else. But honestly speaking you should not have to spend too much time trying to convince someone you are worth their attention. This understanding should be an automatic response from them not something you manufacture. Because human nature is flawed and seeing things clearly, reasonably, or with compassion is not always the first response. Leaving judgment to the One who can do it fairly is what favor feels like. There should not be moments in your life where grace is not sufficient to see you through. You must stand in the truth of what using your power gets you. Being tuned into God is one of the things. Which will give you the ability to hold your self accountable for your tongue so that false apologies are not what you will have to spend your time doing. Being in one’s feelings is all the rage now. So, my suggestion to do unto others what you would have them do unto you. And hopefully you can limit the madness you can get caught up in. Offer: The items that will enhance learning (CLINK BLUE LINKS BELOW) Pew Partners for the Author, Speaker, and Mom #SMU_SingleMomUnpublished portion of me… Young Living for the Essential Oil Educator portion of me…I use essential oils for mental and physical well-being. Partner With Anthony for the Marketing portion of me (Click for Free eBook)…I am no Marketer, but I am learning so let me introduce you to My Teacher especially if you have an idea you are trying to launch. How to create the Hook, Story, Offer portion of yourself… This is for the I need cash RIGHT NOW portion of yourself… Google Follow Me…P.M. Mathis, Pamela Michelle Mathis, or Pew Partners I serve as the Educator…I am the One you listen to when you cannot find Encouragement within… Facebook Instagram YouTube LinkedIn Pinterest Twitter Shop Be Blessed

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