Press Release: Multicultural Romance Novel, Montana Love

Author Cassandra Black has released a new multicultural romance entitled Montana Love. Set in the Midwest, this love story chronicles one woman's journey from 'busy career woman' to 'new mom', in a sleepy Montana town, with a handsome rancher nearby.


Montana Love, a new love story by multicultural romance author Cassandra Black, focuses on a busy career woman’s path being derailed when she suddenly finds herself responsible for the well-being of her small godson. But while on the trip in the Midwest, which was supposed to be temporary, she discovers much more than she bargained for -- in life and possibly in love -- when her notions of friendship and love are put to the test. 


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Romance Novel Overview


Cynthia Alexander is on her way to the Midwest to babysit her godson. Her friend Thelma and hubby have planned a long overdue honeymoon, and Cynthia has agreed to help out. 

Two weeks in Cattlewood, a sleepy Montana town -- hold-up on a ranch with a feisty four-year-old -- is certainly not her idea of a relaxing vacation, but the timing really couldn’t be more perfect. The law firm is in the midst of relocating its downtown offices to another building, and everyone’s caseload is coming to a strategic halt. 

Cynthia knows a break from her fast-paced career as a corporate attorney will do her some good because she’s been on the fast-track too long. 

While many of her friends from college are married with children, in Cynthia’s world, settling down is nowhere on the radar -- especially in the midst of competing for the coveted partnership position at hand. No husband and babies for her, and she likes it that way just fine … but for those occasional moments of loneliness in the middle of the night. 

But unforeseen circumstances suddenly thrust her into a position where she’s left as guardian of the little boy, and life as she’s known it comes to a screeching halt. She’s suddenly a single mother in an environment that is as foreign to her as running a ranch. 



Handsome rancher Dexter Callahan can see the ‘little lady’ is out of her element in Sheppard County, especially with Dennis the Menace underfoot. The boy is a handful; Dex knows from personal experience. Carson gives his own mother a run for her money, so it amuses him to see Cynthia trying to keep up. 

Dexter would like nothing more than to help the newcomer get settled -- for the child’s sake and for his own personal reasons -- if she wasn’t so stubborn and hell-bent on leaving. 




Cynthia has decided this cannot be her fate. She has one thing on her mind: getting back to San Francisco. But after a little while, she can’t deny there is something irresistible about Montana, the little boy … and Dexter Callahan. Spending time with them has her taking a closer and sometimes painful look at her priorities and how she’s been living her life, and it has her reconsidering the idea of settling in the Midwest.


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About the Author, Cassandra Black


Cassandra Black specializes in writing mini romances, but she’s also penned several small business titles. Born and raised in the South, she recently transitioned her business to the Caribbean. The proud mother of a United States Serviceman, Cassandra is now settling into the second phase of her life, writing books by the sea.


Visit Amazon ( and Barnes and Noble to find her romance novels. See for her small business guides.

The Book Publisher


Stone Cottage Books is a boutique, electronic publisher with titles on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, Google Play, and other internet outlets. Visit for more information.

Where to Find the New Release

Montana Love
can be found on Amazon, B&N and All Romance eBooks. 

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