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  • Five things that stop you writing
Five things that stop you writing
Written by
Glo Gray
April 2014
Written by
Glo Gray
April 2014

Is it procrastination-ville where you live? These are some of the top things that stop me writing:

5. Family members and pets! There is always someone demanding my attention in some way if I am writing. I can’t lock myself away in another room (the cats try to break the door down), so I try to occupy them with a nice warm fire or computer games (for the OH, not the cats), before I start.

4. TV! The call of trashy TV or Big Bang Theory is hard to resist. “I’ll just watch one episode” I say…five episodes later I’ve lost my whole evening. Better just to never turn it on.

3. Marketing your book! Book related social media, blogging, reading article about social media for writers.. Useful but time consuming. You can strike a balance but it’s probably better to have something written so you have something to market.

2. Chores! Walk the dog, do the dishes, cook the tea, tidy the house blah blah blah. I find it so irritating that such things have to get in the way of me doing what I want. A compromise has been struck in my house; I try to put up with slightly less order so that I can get some writing done, and my other half agrees to continue to not really care about having an orderly house.*That’s not gender stereotyping, he actually prefers mess. He calls it having a “working household”.

1. Facebook! The lure of checking your notifications is strong. Best not to log in if you are trying to write! Facebook is actually a time-sucking demon…oh wait I just got a private message, better check it :-)

What stops you writing?

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