Have you heard of the old phrase, “Knowledge is power?”  Can you just imagine how different life would be for boomers & seniors if they were equipped to handle all of the evil people who come into their lives with the intent to only harm them?  My book “Baby Boomers & Seniors Free Yourself from Harm and Danger” is just the tool boomers & seniors need to help them navigate the sometimes rough waters of aging.  It is full of tips, suggestions and real-life situations that will shed light on what too many boomers & seniors are confronting in their mature years.  And the greatest thing about my book is on this MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY – DECEMBER 16, 17, 18 I’m giving away my book FREE; that’s right FREE because I want all boomers & seniors and those who take care of them to be equipped.  I want to empower you so you can avoid becoming a victim of sometimes very unscrupulous people.  So, remember it’s FREE this MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY – DECEMBER 16, 17, 18. 


All I need from you is to:

  1. Download  my book
  2. Read my book
  3. Write a review


DON’T FORGET – My gift to you on this MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY – DECEMBER 16, 17, 18.

Janice M. Lauderdale, author, Boomer & Senior advocate

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