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  • Curb appeal – Looking beyond the First Impression
Curb appeal – Looking beyond the First Impression
Written by
Suzi Minor
July 2013
Written by
Suzi Minor
July 2013

In the world of real estate if a buyer isn’t drawn into a house by its exterior appeal then what would compel them to look further beyond the front door. Whether the lawn is meticulously manicured or there are pink flamingos in the front yard some sort of assessment will be made of what could be their next place to call home, making it inescapable to judge a house by its cover. The same can be said with how we approach people, whether we like it or not, it is our human nature to assess or “judge” what we see. Of course the initial impression doesn’t have to be our final impression. If we can go beyond our first impression, we may just be pleasantly surprised to find a treasure behind the facade we see. It is funny how we set up our expectations by that initial preview but if we can begin to realize that is what we are doing, then we can also realize an internal look is worth the time in order to answer any doubt. Individually we also base our impression of self- worth by our own outward appearances, some people to the extent of maximum décor by covering up the shell of an empty interior or some go to the other extreme by understating their appearance hiding behind the curtain of their true character. Matching both the essence of our being to the presentation of who we are, is key to creating an honest image of self but just like any home improvement project this takes time and effort and maybe even a little professional help, but the return of investment is certainly worth it. Take a drive by the mirror, examine your curb appeal and see if it displays a real reflection of who you are. Do you present a welcoming atmosphere or give a Do Not Enter vibe? Maybe it's time for a little home self-improvement project that will ultimately showcase the beautiful abode that you are.


This is the first entry of my House Within series. Thank you for reading and your comments.

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