Hi Friends First and foremost I would like to say how sorry I am for being away so long. I have been quite busy and it has taken me until now, with the new weekly update - that has brought me back to say hello - without excuses. Since Maureen invited me to so much has happened. Maureen Doallas wrote a wonderful interview in June on her blog and I was so pleased, as were others who read her outstanding work. Before Maureen became aware of my work I was featured in Spotlight News by Aylssa Jung, whom Maureen mentioned in her blog. Alyssa did a wonderful job on her article which opened the eye's of those on NBC Channel 13 and the Phil Bayly Show who was again, outstanding. Before the show he told me he went up into the mountains with his friend and they read the book a couple of times, and during his live interview on Channel 13 NBC he began asking me questions, and I agreed, not to disagree on live TV, learning this from being on the other side of the camera. He invited me back when the second in the series is released, which I believe will be as much fun as the first. The funny part of the interview was when he read one of the poems and believed it to be about one night stands, and it wasn't, but perhaps, as in all poetry, he believed it to be, and I shook my head up and down, agreeing with my husband watching the monitor in the studio, we laughed all the way home. Following Spotlight News I was focused in local papers and some of the smaller, art related papers from my area. Then I was asked to read at our local Borders which surprised me, and brought in a good size crowd. Every book sold and they ordered more. It was fantastic. The only thing, again, laughable - I forgot I was allergic to roses, and a friend of mine gave me one, I used it as a mic, since I love cafe' because of the stage and mics, and during the two hour time slot at borders my allergies kicked in. It wasn't until the end I flipped the rose to the opposite end to hold. Following Borders I was asked to appear at Cafe Lena in Saratoga Springs as their Special Guest Reader during open mic. - Something which is pretty special there. Usually the people are brought in from other states, and I was just on the other side of Saratoga Lake - saving them money and knowing all the people in the audience. It was a delightful night and filled with excitement. Carol, who runs the open mic did a wonderful job advertising. Since then I have been approving the cover of the second selection which I can't wait to share with you. I brought it to a reading, at the harvest fest at my hometown, and placed it on the table. It is so perfect for the name, "Did You Ever Want To Fly?" I can't wait to tell you when it will be available. What made that reading and conversation so special was that I was in the presence of my father, whom I refer to many times in my poetic memoirs. The second half of the reading he and I discussed his life, and the True story, which begins in 1892 - a Epic Novel based on True Facts - and to hear him talk about his life as a child, and to go back to 1892 when my grandmother was born, and the world, all the diseases, wars, disasters and so forth we survived, is a long, interesting, and very universal in theme. Although death, killing, murder was part of the thirties, unfortunately my Grandfather did die when my dad was only ten. Following that lovely afternoon with one of the nicest ladies hosting - and providing a warm space on a cold day - I can't tell you how I learned to love small groups, discussion groups, where poetic memoir is really your life, and mine. It was so much fun discussing each poem, and reliving it. I began a BTR show Page Turners as Co Host - interviewing some interesting and popular writers. Last month I asked Senior Editor and Writer for Wolf Blitzer to be on the show, and it was packed with his life experiences and his story about his new book. That is still available to listen to, if you go to facebook Nancy Denofio and hit the arrow for Page Turners on Red River Radio. Previous months are on Red River Radio Page Turners site. In November my publisher will be on the show, which should make for good conversation. Also, anyone who wants to long into ALL THINGS PUBLISHING on Sunday nights can hear his updates on publishing in this day and age. Got Poetry on Face Book where I am one of the administrators and do try to reply to posts, is a wonderful area for those who love poetry, or I added a section for fast writing, with a prompt which changes weekly. We have fun there. When you join Got Poetry on Facebook, go to discussion, your topic to fit your poem, and post there. I have also added under discussion under topics a place for you to post your blogs - web sites - books for your own advertisement. Another part of facebook where I was asked to be Managing Editor for a Literary Magazine from SUNY New Paltz with Their "POET" Dennis Doherty as Editor is now taking FANS, so sign up as a fan under the name GNOSIS - and as soon as submissions are called for you will be the first to know. Three workshops with WWAM in Saratoga will happen the first week in Nov. And, a reading of the Schenectady Country Writers Organization will happen on Nov. 21 at the Library, downtown, in my hometown. Also, another reading is tentative for the new Malta Library for Dec. 9th near Saratoga Springs NY along with plans for two workshops one on poetic memoir and the second on author presentation. TODAY please take a moment and listen to the NEW podcast on by Suzanne - where she and I have a wonderful casual conversation on writing, on my publisher, how he found me, what I am up to, and the future. And, many thanks to all of you - for being one of the first in my online life. You can find my blogs dashboard and a new one I began yesterday on writing workshops and readings - at Thanks, and special thanks to Maureen Doallas. Sincerely, Nancy Duci Denofio

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