Historical Romance: Stories of Love and Freedom - Book Giveaway

Book Release Celebration & Giveaway Sept 11 - 18: You have a chance to WIN a Period Romance, The Rebels of Cordovia, The Highwayman of Cordovia, or The Fox of Cordovia. Your choice! And you get to choose whether you would like an eBook or an audiobook from Audible. I am celebrating the release of the last book in this series.


The Rebel Series is a mixture of romance and adventure. Each book is a love story with mystery and suspense as a young couple and their rebel friends strive to help their country. Most romances have a bit of drama between the man and woman but that’s not so with this series. Even though there are trials along the way, they never give up on each other. For those who enjoy strong women characters, all three books have this in common. They are independent women who don’t sit back and watch. They have an opinion and are not afraid to express it. The adventure and romance in each book can be appreciated by young and old alike.

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