How Blogging Has Changed My Life
Written by
Olivia Stone
June 2018
Written by
Olivia Stone
June 2018

When you enter the blogging world in pursuit of starting a blog, everything's new for you. You have lots of expectations. There are millions of blogs out there on the internet and just like them, I wanted to make my presence known in the web world. I had read many articles showing how bloggers became millionaires and I wanted to be one of them.

However, among all the glitters of the blogging world, there was one thing about which no one talks - Hard Work. Becoming a blogger is pretty easy but on the other hand, becoming a successful blogger is difficult. In the start, all you think about is growing a blog, getting visitors and earning money, that's it. But, how do you get those visitors? How will you earn money? What is hosting? That's where the beauty of blogging lies, the beauty which changed my life forever.

Initially, I was struggling to earn money online. I kept on reading success stories of many bloggers on loop - to be honest, this was my only motivation. I just wanted to get out of my working loop and grow my website. I simply went ahead and bought a domain, read hosting review (sitegroundand just bought it on the spot. On a side note, I recommend you to sign up for their hosting services, after all these years, I’m still using SiteGround and I’m still very high. All of this lead me towards venturing new ways of earning money online including the likes of CPA Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Ad Networks, etc.

Moreover, what I learnt was blogging actually wasn’t that hard if you had passion to do something. For example, if you love traveling, you can keep traveling places and write about your adventures. You don’t need to outsource anything, simply follow your passion and good things will happen - another beauty of blogging.

One thing I learned from all my experience was that blogging is an endless cycle of imagination. The more you'll imagine, the more success you'll get. There's no end to this imagination cycle. For example, there was a time when people thought Orkut was the ultimate social media platform and nothing can ever surpass it but then there came Facebook and everything changed. This is what defines blogging. You have to keep working hard to maintain your website and its reputation and keep improving or else someone will come and surpass you within no time. So all in all, blogging taught me to never rest easy and keep working hard.

After all my hard work in this field, I was awarded with a constant flow of money every month from Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. This money helped me pay off my debts and bills. I wasn't quite a millionaire I thought I would become but still, this money was valuable to me as it allowed me freedom to utilize my job salary without worrying about my bills - I got the freedom to spend money freely.

Conclusively, blogging has helped me feel secure and confident about what I do. I don't have a fear of losing my office job as I have to blog to back me up. Blogging helped me earn money, meet new friends, venture new ways of earning money, etc. Even though I'm not a millionaire yet, I'm not giving up because yes, once again, blogging taught me to never give up and relish challenges. In short, it changed my life forever.

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