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SO, I believe there is going to be a meet-up in Laguna Beach. How many of you are from OC? Wanna help?

Nominate places around the area for the meet-up. Do it by the 21st of June so then we can have  a vote from amongst those places. 

  • I believe Rossandra will have the final word because she was the first to discuss it on the She Writes Volunteer group. But I wouldn't mind helping.
  • One Question:  Who is taking the lead on planning, making the final decision? There's a lot of great discussion here, but someone or "someones" should take the lead and choose a place etc.


    Then, as soon as it's decided, where, when to meet, please post it on the meetup page,


    If you don't see Orange County on the list of She Writes communities, please create it, or just add your meet up info to LA section. It's up to you.  For now, though, since it looks like you're getting close to coming up with a meetup, we are going to add your site to the national list we are keeping of anniversary meetups.  Thanks and keep up the great work! :)



  • Anywhere in Irvine sounds great to me, just because it's kind of like in the middle of OC..but I don't know any places there..I think so far early evening is good for a lot of people so that is fine with me as well.
  • Sounds good. I have to teach an intensive class in the morning, so late afternoon or early eve would be good. I have an 8am class the next morning, too, meaning I may not stay long. It will be good to connect with everyone:)
  • That's a fabulous suggestion.  I forgot about Picayo, much better.  What time and then I'll post it . . . unless there's more feedback.  Here's what I'll do, I'll wait and then post on June 21st as that seems to be the date we're to have our plans firmed up.
  • After work would be best for me. Las Brisas is nice. What about Picayo a bit north of there off of PCH? Plenty of parking, very popular hang out among the locals.
  • Here's another thing. Would everyone rather meet after work?  Sixish or so?  Las Brisas, a restaurant with a view of the ocean would be great.  Again, the parking situation, except they do have valet parking.  So thus far my suggestions, if morning is okay, Anastasia Cafe in Laguna Beach, Paradise Perks, Irvine, and for a later meeting, Las Brisas.  Ta ra!
  • Marjorie, the date to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of She Writes is Wednesday, June 29th.  Thanks for checking!
  • I volunteered to steer the Laguna Beach faction except I'm all at sea at this point : ) Last I heard we were going to make it more of an Orange County get together, north and south with suggestions of where to meet.  So I haven't set a meeting place.  I suggested Dana Point which is a bit south for the northerners.  My two next best suggestions are Anastasia Cafe in Laguna Beach corner of Ocean and Third as you come into town.  Fabulous.  10AM.  Have to pay to park. :(  Then there's  Paradise Perks, 15475 Jeffrey, Irvine, site of other writer meetups.  Same time?  So there we go.  What do you think?