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Memoir Writers Support Group
Latest activity: July 2022

A group for memoir writers who are in the process of writing, researching and revising book length memoirs. Providing support, encouragement, craft discussion, and the sharing resources. All are welcome!

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  • Started by Christine Christman
    Hello all! I am in final stages of a spiritual memoir and looking for beta readers. I am looking to exchange manuscripts with another memoir writer...
  • Started by Victoria Chames
    I'm at the difficult and frustrating point of looking for an agent, and the job is so time-costly, it seems interminable and impossible. It's a...
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    Started by Patricia Geist Martin
    Last reply by Phyllis Smith
    I have been writing stories for over 15 years, but only this past year have begun to gain a structure--about 65 pages in, but I still find myself...