• November 2016
    Unfortunately, there is poor grammar and bad spelling across all social media. And much of it comes from admins who purport to know the language and to be expert writers. It's embarrassing, especially for those who are in the business of...
  • June 2014
    Wow, Julie, this a wonderful post, and a timely one for me. I spent the last six years being a long-distance caregiver and writing about it. During that time I'd step away periodically because I couldn't write anymore. I began to think of those...
  • October 2011
    I love the twitter discussion. I am mymothersbrain on twitter (I blog about Alzheimer's, hence the name). I am trying to diligently follow everyone who has posted their twitter handle. If I miss one, and you follow me, I'm following right back. I...

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