• July 2015
    A great post about endurance and weathering the writing/publishing storm, Christina.  Very encouraging!  Good luck to you!
  • July 2015
    I recently took back my book from a publisher and redid it myself. Just so I can have the control of everything as the publisher seemed to be doing nothing. My target is 20 years to be an overnight success.  wish me luck.
  • July 2015
    Hi Christina!  I am glad that you wrote this.  I have yet to finish a novel but I have started three.  I also have raised three children and we moved seven times.  We have lived in four different states.  I think though that you improved as a writer...
  • July 2015
    Thanks so much for this piece, Christina. It really resonated with me. My second novel is about to be published this year but it's actually the first novel I wrote. I began writing it in 1997, rewrote it in 2004, rewrote and edited it again in 2013...
  • July 2015
    A post worth repeating!
  • October 2012
    Kamy, this is beautifully articulated and I know exactly what you mean!  (I also so appreciate Meg's link -- helpful to see.)  This makes me want to read your novel even more.  xxx Christina
  • May 2011
    I love all of these -- some I haven't thought of, like reading poetry out loud and scribbling your favorite words.   (And yes - making lists!)
  • March 2011
    Wow, Kamy, what a powerful note.  I definitely want to hear you read!
  • December 2010
    Tayari, I love your posts -- so inspiring. Yes, this time of year is crazy. I find getting OUT of my domicile and away from all the to-do lists is crucial. Secret-agent tactics, yes!
  • November 2010
    Kamy, I applaud your rational fearlessness and good manners in the face of David LeShay's condesending tone, typos, and careless, faux-intimate lowercase form -- as if your valid objections and questions aren't worthy of the time and thought it...

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