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    August 2016
    I used to be a Birthcenter nurse and work with the nurse-midwives in a major San Diego hospital. Now I write books and design houses. I miss delivering babies with the midwives more than I can say. It’s the most mystical, amazing, rewarding...
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  • April 2016
  • October 2015
    Cannot wait to open and devour your beautiful book. Thanks for sharing your inspiration, Jill!
  • July 2015
    LOVE!!!! LIVE!!!!
  • May 2015
    Shiny stickers are great and apparently they sell books but I don't think the average reader differentiates between gold, silver or bronze. Silver suits your cover better, you're right! Mine would look better with Silver too!  
  • May 2015
    This is fabulous, Cindy. Just read it and laughed out loud. Several times. You are a funny lady and I'm so glad to know you. Can completely relate to your office space and the feeling that "Most of the time, I'm really best in a small room with a...
  • May 2015
    This is fantastic, Liz. Thanks for sharing this again, Zetta!
  • March 2015
    Wonderful! Love it, Barbara!
  • March 2015
    My tip for "the ask" is to put another hat on. I literally named the persona I use for speaking engagements, publicity events and telephone interviews. I named her Dianne Gallagher (British dialect and emphasis on the Grrrrr)!  She's the one who...
  • February 2015
    Great post, Kamy! So inspiring. Yes. The community is finally rallying back to support Indie bookstores. There's also been a major epiphany in the writing community to present the Indie bookstores as the #1 go to spot for purchase.  Recently I...

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