• October 2010
    wow, i must get my hands on this book!
  • August 2010
  • Jocelyn Chia posted an article The first day
    August 2010
  • July 2010
    Surely people couldn't possibly still hold these stereotypes...hmmm...hippy treehuggers in Birkenstocks...I don't think you can be a treehugger and be a wimp. Not when you're up against people who don't agree with what you're protesting for and come...
  • July 2010
    Hey, wasn't it in Yes Man (the movie with Jim Carey) that a group of them ran and took photos of things they passed by? Maybe it can be done after all...
  • July 2010
    I must send this to my ex colleague. She probably won't get past the picture to reading the post though. I think she still has a HJ poster up on her office wall :)
  • July 2010
    I respect that. The relationship you and your ex have maintained and how you get along with his girlfriend. But I also respect the fact that you made a commitment to your children. That you made sacrifices to give them a great headstart in life. I'm...
  • July 2010
    i like the girl that you are. i'm all of the above minus the makeup cos i hate the feel of stuff on my face. moisturisers are ok if they're not oily. i successfully wore makeup for my wedding but when a friend made me up for prom (when i was 18), i...
  • July 2010
    You've come a long way already. I'm sure your book will be a real hit. All the best!
  • July 2010
    Ana, how did you start Women on the Verge? How does one find the courage, strength and resources to make such an amazing impact? I've lived too long hiding in a shell. Deeply bothered by things I see in the world but too afraid to step out. An...

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