• October 2016
    I love this Kamy! And it comes at a perfect time. I have been a 'published author' for 6 months now. And a lot of the 'brand new' excitement has worn off.  For the most part, the first question people ask me is "So how many books have you sold?...
  • September 2016
    Jodi - This is so good. And so tragically humorous! I loved your book - your characters just jumped off the pages. Reminded me of my family and of many of the women I used to drink with! Thank you for your courage and your humor. 
  • September 2016
    Thanks for sharing this, Patti. Wishing you success with your book!
  • August 2016
    Thank you so much Marzena! I'm so glad!
  • August 2016
    Warm fuzzies. This was such a lovely thing for me to read today. Thank you!
  • August 2016
    Thank you Diana! It's so true, we each go through this process - and yet most of us feel alone in this sense of doubt and feeling of not good enough. It's so good to share and to learn that we are not alone.
  • July 2016
    This is a wonderful article Brooke. And I love the fact that you called my book a hybrid book at our book event in Seattle. My hybrid is kind of a different sense than you describe here, but I loved that description and have used it since...
  • May 2016
    I love those coincidences that happen. And I could so relate to your 'scarcity fear' - A friend of mine emailed me just before my book was to be released and said - 'Oh by the way, did you know that Julia Cameron just released a book almost exactly...
  • February 2016
    Beautiful!  Thank you!

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