• October 2011
    Great Thread! I have two: Wildwords: Writing prompts and bits about writing Blueberry Truth: about my novel
  • October 2011
    My first novel, Blueberry Truth was published by Etopia Press, a small e-book publisher.  They released their first titles in 2011, so like MuseIt, they are very new. They pay for cover art, editing, distribution and the like. I get ten free copies...
  • October 2011
    Thanks Jan! I know what you mean about getting the WIP done. My new one will be finished....who knows??? Slow progress, it's like wading through molasses right now.
  • October 2011
    Thanks for asking Jan! My book is women's fiction. It's called Blueberry Truth and was released as an e-book. It can be gotten through Etopia, at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005G5U6JO, at B&N:...
  • October 2011
    Great idea Jan! I've done some of this with the book I had released in August. I have another one coming out next June. It's a romantic comedy, adult audience, kinda quirky. So if anyone's looking to 'hook up' let me know!

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