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    That Nathan Bransford post about using simple "Mad Libs" sentences to write your query is intriguing.  But so often in practice it fails, resulting in queries that fee...
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  • Like many new writers, I have fluctuated my style and outline for my first novel.  Finally, I feel as though I have found the voice I have been seeking and would like...
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  • I like the first paragraph but I would change slightly. The following are just suggestions. MADNESS chronicles the crack-up breakdown of Sylvie Greenwood: brilliant, b...


  • (sorry about not editing before posting.  After "old idea" there should be a comma and a clause that says "my book was published.)  Nothing like an author who fails to edit!  Apologies!
  • I was wondering today why I seem so much busier this year than last year when I first participated in Nano and won. At one point I thought little had changed. I still...
  • Your writing never fails to make me laugh and also to shine a light on things I need to remember. Thank you for sharing this and for being part of She Writes... Wish I could be there to sign that cast!!