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  • Hello Paulita, Just watched your book trailer on YouTube. Nicely done! I am attempting to make a book trailer myself right now with video clips. Not sure if it is going to work out, but we'll just have to wait and see. :)
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    Hi All, Sara suggested I put this question to the group.  Like many of you, apparentl...s, "Santa, Won't You Bring Me a Valentine?"   It's kind of in the "santa baby" mode. Wouldn't you know it - it ac...
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    This is taken from a post I wrote in April, before I joined SheWrites.   Why do we choose to follow Blog X, and not follow Blog Y? Here's my personal take. from K...
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    hello everyone, this is charlotte talley. I am in the process of having my very first video made. the title of it is "MEMORY OF THE ARTIST". it will be filmed at my house.
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    Video games
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    To Tell The Truth essay for MAT @ 9/22/20 +PROMO files In a few days I’ll send out the email book-launch announcement about my book, Victory Is My Name, a Me...


  • Renate! In my aim to add something to my comment I lost my hyperlinks ; ) So will have to put them in again. Would be nice if you could travel from here to my blog, eh...
  • Thanks so much for the comments, everyone.  It's lovely to see this blog getting a bit of a second life. Thanks very much to Shewrites. Sorry about the video not working -- here's another link to the same video: 
  • That's a wonderful video, Sonya. I've been hearing more and more lately about how seriously publishers take an author's ability to present themself with confidence and...