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Freshly Picked Fashion Modern Ways to Incorporate Flowers Into Your Style
Written by
Joel Cordle
February 2015
Written by
Joel Cordle
February 2015

For quite some time, there was nothing particularly ‘fresh’ about flowers in fashion.

In fact, floral prints seemed to remind all of us of our grandmothers, and wearing them was nothing more than an instant one way ticket to looking majorly matronly.

But flower-inspired fashion has had a reawakening in recent times. With new ways to incorporate the pretty and feminine pattern, it will be coming into full bloom this spring. Are you ready?

Here are 5 modern ways to incorporate flowers into your style without looking like you raided your granny’s closet!

1.       Hair Accessories

The appeal here is that the floral pattern is limited to a very small yet prominent portion of your look, so that it isn’t overwhelming or all-encompassing but will get noticed nonetheless.  Not only do hats, headbands, and fascinators make the trend accessible for beginners, but they also make it easier to wear a more realistic flower without looking like a literal rose garden.

This is a particularly good way to try the trend when you’re heading to a fancy occasion, like a wedding or garden party.  A delicate flower headband or hair clip affixed above your ear or to a low side chignon is timelessly gorgeous and adds a little extra glamour to your look.

2.       Shoes

Again, the small surface area makes it easy to get creative with any striking pattern that you may choose. You can either wear a solid top with skinny jeans and floral pumps or you can choose to make things more modern by color blocking with a solid shirt, belt, and skirt in shades drawn from your shoes.

The trick to wearing floral sneakers, pumps, or flats is to build your outfit around them, rather than trying to choose a pair to match an already-existing ensemble. Not only does it make things easier, but it also ensures that you’ll look polished and that your print will be the statement piece of your entire look without the risk of it clashing.

3.       Girly Skirts & Dresses

One of the most classic ways to incorporate flowers into your fashion is a sweet skirt. If it has ruffles or pleats, even better! Is it a super-long length? Unbeatable! Maxi dresses have been on trend for a while now, making them an easy way to transition flowers into your look without taking any huge risks.

By making such a flowing and fun choice, you’re embracing the femininity and softness of the pretty pattern in an almost rebellious way. To round the look out, pair the skirt with a leather jacket and boots plus a sweet shade of lipstick in a hue pulled from the pattern. The resulting combination of naughty and nice will be irresistible to all you meet.

4.        Texture

This includes rosettes, lace, and appliques- only one of which typically is fashionable on its own. None of these features take floral fashion too literally. They more so imply it. If you’re just starting out in the secret garden of flowers and fashion, you might want to try sporting the impression of a rose rather than a literal picture of one.

Texture is an easy way to combine trends and add a touch of drama to your look without having to deck yourself out from head to toe. Floral lace tights in black or red will always look bold, and a pink rosette corset will look amazing with a leather jacket forever! An applique can add a touch of class to almost any outfit, without having to add bulk or boldness if you’d like to avoid those things.

5.       A Graphic Sweatshirt

These have been incredibly popular lately. You can try one that has one huge flower printed on it, one that has itty bitty flowers covering its entire surface, or one that just has a border of roses around your favorite song lyrics. If you’d like to pair a pair of skinny jeans and Converses with this particular look, you’re safe. This is one of the most relaxed yet fashion forward options out there for fitting floral style into your usual look, rather than the other way around!

The specific choices you’ll make depend on how comfortable you are with the trend, and how bold you’d like to be this spring.  Whether you’re girly or a gamer, modern or vintage, daring or demure, there’s a floral patterned piece waiting for you, because the best thing about the floral trend in fashion is that it’s fully customizable. 

 About the Author:  Nicole Betti’s passion for fashion inspired her to open Gold Coast Couture, an online accessory boutique known for its huge collection of designer hats and fascinators.  You can even find some of the very pieces that Kate Middleton has worn!  Nicole also appears as a guest author on several online publications. To see more, check out www.goldcoastCouture.com

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