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[Reality Check] Digital Age Publishing for Vintage Age Writers
Written by
Zetta Brown
March 2014
Written by
Zetta Brown
March 2014

I don't adjust to change very well. Although I'm not a complete technophobe like the Unibomber, I'm not too impressed with an overabundance of high technology when I can cope quite well without it.

Speaking as someone who remembers 8-track tapes, AM/FM radio, and rotary-dial telephones, I remember when CDs were the end-all-be-all format. Nowadays, you have people who see the CD as archaic in the wake of mp3s and mp4s, etc.

Unlike the music world, which sees change every generation, the publishing world has evolved more within the last TWENTY years than it has in the last THOUSAND years.

NYC wishes it could take all the credit for creating the e-publishing and digital publishing industry, but all they've done is make it mainstream. There were--are--many publishers and authors who've been paving the way for years.

This week's [REALITY CHECK] comes from "vintage age" author SaBrowny Rae, who shares her experiences about coming up-to-date with the changes in the industry. SaBrowny has moved from novice to adept while publishing her first book, Backdoor Tales: Tears of the Serpent September Love.

It's never to late to change, so embrace it and have fun with it.


Digital Age Publishing for Vintage Age Writers Or “You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks”
By SaBrowny Rae

I had no idea what I was getting into when one day, out of the blue, I decided to write the next great American novel. Wait. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning. At the ripe, vintage age of fifty-nine years young, I decided to retire from my full-time job as a registered nurse and come home. At the time, I decided that all I wanted to do was rest; however, being who I am, I knew that thought would only last for a day or two. Then it dawned on me. I always wanted to write the world’s greatest fiction novel. So that’s exactly what I did. I created the style and brand that I wanted to bring forth, and then I went for it. I was excited that I met my goal and my very first novel was born and my brand was established. When my birthday arrived two months after the birth of Backdoor Tales, I was on cloud nine.

In fact, no one could tell me that I was not ten years younger. Nevertheless, that feeling didn’t last that long. Who knew that in this age of high tech and digital publishing that just writing and publishing the book was not enough? I thought: now it’s out there, it’s just a matter of a month or two, and it will be number one. After all, I followed the rules that my fellow writers had given me. I remained within a good budget; I produced a product that was entertaining and written well; I had it edited and made sure that the finish product was beautiful and grammatically correct. What more did I have to do?

That’s where the trick came into play. While I was a product of the fifties, a baby boomer, the world of digital publishing was for the new age child. I had to learn and learn fast. In order to make this my retirement career, I would have to put on some rollerblades and fly. I had to learn how to promote, market, write, develop, and finance this project. I had to wear all the hats and still be the creator of the project. I was not going to have the luxury of sitting back and becoming famous. It didn’t work that way. My book was one of millions that came out at the same time. While I thought it was the greatest since cookies and cream, I had to develop a way for others to find out about this book and want to give it a read.

I pulled from every author that I knew. I made sure that I set aside time each day just to study. I learned that no one would produce my book but me. No one would promote or market my book but me. I had to seek help from those that had been in the field of marketing, publishing, and book promotion. I became all of these people in a mini way so that I could know whom I needed to hire to do what I couldn’t. I had to research the best way for me to publish my work. Would it be the traditional way and hope that someone would pick me up, or could I attempt to be a self-publisher? As it turned out, self-publishing, with a little help, was the best for my limited skills and budget.

Each day I found that I’ve learned a little more about the world of books. While in my heart I’m an author first, my greatest love is to create fast paced, intriguing romantic thrillers. Stories with a little religion, murder, and intimacy. Tales that are put together in such a way that you have two completely different novels in one book, which offers the reader an economical way to enjoy their reading pleasure and save money in the process. However, what I’ve learned is that in this digital age of publishing, a vintage-age author has got to learn all of the tricks of the trade. Take your time and research. Decide how far you want to take your writing and then just learn.

There are rewards in learning these new skills. Don’t get frustrated and just keep pushing slowly along. Don’t lose sight of your goal. For me, it’s becoming number one in the writing world with my brand becoming one of the top book brands for those who love the written word and one, if not all, of my novels becoming a motion picture, stage play, or movie of the week. As you can see, I’ve set the bar high and I’ve only just begun. I feel that with this digital age, the sky is the limit, and as this old dog learns the new tricks this age has to offer, I’m willing to try my best to reach what goals I’ve set. My faith tells me that one day I will see all of my dreams come to pass, but I know that it will take hard work to get there.

With a little bit of elbow grease, one day you and I can meet the goal that we have set. Learn, live, dream, create, and most of all, enjoy the process. Then one day you can let the world know that in this digital age of publishing a vintage age dog can learn new tricks and win. As for writing the next great American novel, it’s getting there.  


SaBrowny Rae was named after her great-grandmother who passed down the gift of storytelling to her great-granddaughter. She grew up during an era where storytelling was an art. This art has been lost today as modern technology has replaced the oral word, and SaBrowny Rae has reached into her past to bring back a time of innocence. Backdoor Tales: Tears of the Serpent September Love is her first book of a series of wonderful stories to come.

A native of Washington D. C., she lives with her husband and surrounded by their children and grandchildren. Her dream of writing only began after she retired from her full time job as a registered nurse.

She loves to encourage others and states to all that age should not be a factor to hold someone back from reaching their dreams. With a very strong sense of God’s direction, she approaches writing in her vintage years with gusto.

About the book: Backdoor Tales: Tears of the Serpent September Love


After seven thousand years, Satan, king of the demons, travels back to the outskirts of heaven to seek the Son of God. He has a request to ask of God. He wants to experience love once more before he is thrown into the lake of fire. The king of all evil humbles himself with tears and begs to be allowed to live in a human for seventy years where he would receive love and form once more.

God allows him to have his request, and thus, the evil demon is to be reborn for seventy years on earth. Four babies are born on the same night at the same time in four different hospitals. One of the babies born is the king of the demons.

Live through the twist, turns, and adventures of the seventy years in the lives of these children, and see which one is the enemy of God and man. The story will keep you guessing as each child lives a life of adventure, love, power, intrigue, and murder.


An American slave falls in love with her owner’s nephew. Their love transcends many hardships and barriers as they attempt to be together for life. Enjoy a love story that should never be, and witness the sociopathic son of the slave owner attempt to keep them apart. You will not want to put this story down as you long for the couple to become one together in love and freedom.


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©2014. Zetta Brown is the author of several published short stories and the novel Messalina: Devourer of Men. If you like this post, then stop by Zetta’s Desk or Zetta’s House of Random Thoughts.

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  • Thank you for sharing this very inspiring essay.  Best wishes to SaBrowny Rae in seeing her book become a #1 bestseller and come to life on the big screen!

  • Rev. LaWaughn Rouse

    Thanks so much RYCJ I do understand and things are picking up slowly but steady. I'm learning and now I'm networking. Doing what I know how to do in the best way I know how. Different people have been hosting me as a spotlight artist and each time we have sold out and all of the books that I brought with me sold. The royalty checks have been impressive but I know I can do better in time. I'm reaching out more and the sales are doing better. With just only one book out its been slightly difficult however the next one will be out early spring and I have several speaking engagements set up trying to work on the east coast. I'm out of my comfort zone but its time to make that move. I would love for you to come to my book launching party in Oct. for both books I will contact you directly. Thanks for your help and encouragement you and Zetta have been a great guide and help. One day this will be behind me and all goals met. I agree with luck but I'm asking for God's Favor if I have that then there's no stopping me...all I can say is [email protected] TOP

  • RYCJ Revising

    Hi RevLa. Glad to see you here. And sounds like you're doing a great job with crossing all your t's and dotting them i's. I wouldn't worry about being an online guru. Many of the best online gurus may get plenty of likes, but my best advice is you are looking for sales, or being 'well-read'.  

    To all avail, whether in digital format or print, building readers and readership is hard work either way... Learning, living, dreaming, creating, and enjoying, I do agree, along with truly loving the business. Of course too, some of us may want to swap out the love for a little LUCK too! Good luck... or God Bless - Rhonda.

  • Rev. LaWaughn Rouse

    Thanks Zetta Brown you have allowed this late bloomer vintage author to shine. Love your generous and giving heart.