Flash Fiction ~ Short Stories of 500 words or less

My  Introduction to Short Fiction

A fellow writer loaned me her collection of Flash Fiction. In the book were very short stories of 500 words or less. The scenes described ranged from side-splitting humorous to poignant. I was inspired by the challenge of writing such short fiction that others would enjoy reading.


My Own Collection of Flash Fiction

My stories were published on Hub Pages, and live there in all their glory.  I have included links here so that you may enjoy them. Perhaps they will inspire you to write some of your own.

My most recent piece of decadent flash fiction was titled The Pink Doughnut Temptation.

The pink doughnut that called me from afar...

A couple of holiday scenes included in my collection are Freshly Fallen Snow,

and A Magical New Year Celebration.

Midsummer is the season for this fourth piece of flash fiction, titled One Evening Around Moonrise.

pine cone fairies dancing around me

My fifth and final example is one that is fit for reading at any time of the year, titled Brave Skippy.  It was my first published piece of "flash fiction;" the idea for it was gleaned from a notebook of writing drafts written while I participated in a writer's group held at the Copley Square branch of the Boston Public Library. 

Keeping Pen and Paper Close at Hand

I have always kept notebooks of the work I have done within the context of writer's groups, and they have often been fodder for blog posts and articles.  When we keep showing up on the page, we gain insights about ourselves, find our voice, and we might just begin developing an idea that becomes the next New York Times best-seller.

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