A Sonnet
Written by
Marie Kinneer
February 2013
Written by
Marie Kinneer
February 2013

Thou art to me as the gentlest breeze
Composed of warmest breath and tender sigh.
Though rocky storms may quake the weak man’s ease
When warmest breezes toward December fly,
When all too fast the life of Zephyrs end,
And daunted, a man’s dreams to dust return,
Then all the promise of spring can’t bend
His eye to see that sunlight ere returns.
But thy wilt young forever be,
Thy strength and soft affection so combined
To keep me secure in thy company,
And infinite in love and time entwined.
Forever lasting–youth and life are thee,
Never changing–thy mold or form in me.

To my Philip
—- Thy wife

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