Is Mind Mapping for You?
Written by
Flora Morris Brown
November 2012
Written by
Flora Morris Brown
November 2012

Is MindMapping for You?

Have you used mindmapping to organize the thoughts for your book?

Some writers love it. Others think it’s useless rubbish.

The image below was created in ThingLink by Jennifer Ramirez and is loaded with information about mindmapping.

Mouse over the image to see the small colored circles. Then click on them to get information and links to other sites about mindmapping. Like it?

Leave your comment, then go create your own image at


Rock your book now!

Mindmapping is just one of many techniques and ideas I share in the ecourse, Rockin’ My Book. This four-week ecourse is the easiest and most affordable way to kickstart your book. Next session starts Monday, November 19th. Get details and register now at

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