Settling In
Written by
Brandi Ballard
August 2011
Written by
Brandi Ballard
August 2011

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Nick and I arrived in Columbia on August 1st. After that, it was a lot of waiting around for our things. The movers did not show up until the 12th. Luckily, my sister was here to help us unpack (though it was hard because she left on the 13th). I have a nice writing area to do my work in. The bookshelf has all of my writing books, books I want to read in the near future, and notebooks. I finally have the floating bookshelves in use. I bought them at Borders about six years ago and never got around to hanging them up.

So I haven't been writing. It is difficult to get motivated when you have no furniture and spend your nights on an air mattress. I have received some calls for submissions that I think I will send work to. Classes start next week so I am sure I will be bogged down in no time.

Columbia is beautiful and I really love the campus. The mustard based barbeque sauce is a little weird and the cicadas can be a little creepy. There aren't really any Mexican/TexMex restaurants out here. We have Hardee's/Red Burrito instead of Carl's Junior/Green Burrito. It is very strange. There is a Chipotle which I am happy about. It seems that most of the city is set up on an East-West route system. It doesn't take long to get anywhere, unless you are trying to go north between the routes.

That's about it at the moment, just waiting around for school to start.

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